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Jul. 22nd, 2015

Otto Alrik - "That's right, once you're tranquil you'll do anything I ask."
Bardel - bullied by Alrik into helping make Karl tranquil
Karras - sexually abused Alain

While at Amaranthine, Fergus calls Anders "Pup" and compares him to Aedan a lot

***When Anders starts playing well for Kirkwall, HFC fans start a petition.org for him yo change his name (full given name is Anderson, since his dad is like the most proud Anders person ever) he finds out when Hawke casually brings it up in the locker room before training one day, and tells him "I just wanted you to be aware, so forget about it and let's move on" and Anders flips and storms out of the room. Carver actually tells him to stfu and that he will go talk to Anders "Because if anyone is used to dealing with your condescending attempts at advice, it's me". Finds Anders outside kicking balls at the wall, Carver starts off by saying "Garrett's a thoughtless asshole, news at eleven". Anders says he doesn't feel like talking about it, so Carver asks him if he wants to practice taking shots at an actual target. They do that, and after they talk. Anders asks him about the worst thing Garrett's ever said to him, and Carver tells him how he was supposed to be awarded a trophy after his first season for rookie MVP of the league, but it was rescinded due to the scandal. Garrett just told him to "Get over it, it's more important for us to worry about the team and rebuilding our image, and you whining about your lost trophy won't help". He then says he'll be angry about it for life, and Anders replies "I'll make sure to get that engraved on your tombstone when you die. 'Carver Hawke, Rookie MVP of the 2015 season. Fuck you Bartrand. PS Fuck you too Garrett.'" They laugh and Anders feels better.
Meanwhile Hawke and Varric are talking - V tells him he should have done that in private. Hawke thinks it's not a big deal. V tries to explain. "Let's pretend your dad is still alive. You know you were his favourite. Let's say you got sold to Hossberg, or Starkhaven, and you have no choice but to go. Without even talking to you, your dad disowns you and tells you that he hopes you die on Starkhaven's pitch. How would that make you feel?" Hawke replies "My dad would never do that!" and V says "That's probably what Anders thought too. Try taking five minutes out of your schedule to empathize with the guy, Hawke."***

Ander's father played for HFC and captained them during A's childhood. He was a decent player and stayed with HFC his entire career. Anders is a prodigy and everyone knows he's better than HFC, but his dad wants him to stay. "Only you can bring this club up where it should be, don't turn your back on them" but Anders wants to go. His dad has also been unhappy with him ever since seeing him making out with another boy. It's a stress between them that never really gets fully fleshed out, but something that A lingers on for a long time instead of actually talking about it. He played for HFC's first team at 17, and manages to bring them into the first division. In his second season @ 18 he actually gets them into the top ten and everyone in the league starts saying that he's the greatest thing to ever come into the sport. He gets offer after offer, and in the end decides to play for Amaranthine @ 19 because it's the lesser of all evils (there is no beef between their clubs; in fact Amaranthine once helped HFC out of debt). His dad is furious at him for contemplating leaving, and they have a nasty fight in which Anders says the only reason his dad never left HFC was because he wasn't good enough, and that it kills him to know how good Anders is because he can't believe his gay son could be such a great player. They leave on terrible terms.

When he gets settled in Amaranthine his dad starts texting him and they try to be civil, but once the season starts up and HFC is doing horribly, his dad starts telling him how this is all his fault, and that he hopes he enjoys playing for a club that doesn't actually need him, and that he never should have left. Anders doesn't tell anyone what the relationship is like, but takes out his frustration on his new teammates. Fergus Cousland is the captain, and he is constantly on Anders to stop being a brat. Cullen and his crew do not like Anders and there's a small rift between them. Fergus keeps the peace until Anders hears the rumours about what they do to women.

Kirkwall vs Anderfels last game of the season - if AFC loses they get relegated. Anders does not want to play, but is started, Garrett tries to talk him up during the game, to ignore the fans that have turned on him. Anders plays terribly in the first half. During halftime Carver rails on him in the locker room, telling him to stop acting like a selfish child. Talks about how he had an amazing season the previous year and set a record for the best season for a rookie keeper, but how no one will remember that because of Bartrand's match fixing scandal. Has he cried about it even once? No. So Anders needs to shut the fuck up and play, because this is his job and not some leisure activity. Anders reacts and says that he doesn't want to be here any more than Carver wants him here - Carver interrupts and says that he does want him there - but he wants him to actually play and not be a whiny brat. Garrett gets between them, Carver thinks he's going to protect Anders but he doesn't, he says Carver is right (just lacking tact). Has a private discussion with Anders and tells him that instead of being sad he should be pissed off because the HFC fans should be the ones who understand what he's going through, knowing it wasn't his fault. They should show him support - not condemn him. It makes Anders really angry, which is what Garrett wants. They join the others and Garrett tells their coach "Either he scores a goal in the first five minutes of the half, or you bench him, because if he's not going to play then I don't want him on my field with my team". It works and Anders goes out full of fire and scores in the first fifteen seconds.

Hossberg Football Club: "HFC/The Hoss" (rivalry with Kirkwall due to a war in history - a man from the Anders region went to Kirkwall as a slave and was responsible for the slave uprising and city revolt; Kirkwall bombed the slave quarter and killed them all, but made a special public execution of the Anders man, it has since been a sore point between the two, with the Anders region feeling more strongly about it). Has always been at the bottom of the league, occasionally suffering relegation. Stadium: Weisshaupt (cap. of 12,000)

Amaranthine Football Club: "The Wardens" (rivalry with Orlais) rich club due to smart investing, always in the top 3. Stadium: The Keep (cap. of 55,000)

Tevinter Football Club: "The Vints" (rivalry with Seheron and Min City; located in Qarinus) One of the richest teams in the league, but receives a ban at one point for signing players illegally. Stadium: The Archon (cap. of 60,000)

Minathrous City: "Min City" (rivalry with Tevinter) Super rich but mid-table (always known for crazy tabloid stories about the players, since they tend to make signings based on individual performance with no concept of teamwork) Stadium: The Magisterium (cap. of 58,000)

Seheron Football Club: "SFC" (rivalry with Min City and Tevinter) Started out rich, had a big scandal that cost them millions. Only just started to recover in the last decade. Probably the team that is the most concerned with ensuring their signings always work as a compatible team. Are usually now comfortably always in the top 5. Stadium: The Qun (cap. of 60,000)

Antiva City: "A City" (rivalry with ??) Located in Antiva City. Stadium: The Crow's Nest (cap. of 40,000; view of Rialto Bay)

Rivain Football Club: "RFC" (rivalry with ??) Located in Dairsmuid. Stadium: Seer Stadium (cap. of 30,000; has a great view of the mountains)

Nevarra City: "City" (rivalry with: ??; CCFC hate them, but NC fans like to pretend CCFC is still their feeder club to aggravate their fans) biggest Nevarran club, tons of money, owned by the Pentaghasts. Stadium: The Necropolis (cap. 60,000)

Cumberland City Football Club: "CCFC" was originally NC's feeder team, but split off and is now mid-table; fans hate NC. Stadium: Dragon's Den (cap. 40,000)

Orlais United: "Orlais" (rivalry: Amaranthine) biggest Orlesian club, loads of money (located in Halamshiral). Stadium: The Palace (cap. 65,000)

Val Royeaux Football Club: "Royals" (rivalry: OU), super rich, top 10. Stadium: The Cathedral (cap. 60,000)

Athletic Emprise Du Lion: "Lions" (rivalry: ??) Stadium: The Quarry (cap. 25,000)

The Dales United: "Dales United" (rivalry: ??) Located in Emerald Graves. Fans call themselves the Freemen. Stadium: Fairbanks Stadium (cap. 20,000)

Korcari Wilds Athletic Club: "Korcari Wilds (fans)/The Ducks (rivals)" (rivalry: ??) Stadium: Flemeth Field (cap. 25,000)

Ferelden United: "Dog Lords" (rivalry: ??) based in Ostagar Stadium: Imperial Stadium (cap. 35,000)

Denerim City: "Denerim/D Town" (rivalry: ??)

Kirkwall City: "The City (fans)/Chains FC (rivals)" (rivalry: Starkhaven)

Arlathan Forest: "Arlathan"

Starkhaven Football Club: "Starks FC" (rivalry: Kirkwall; Starkhaven is the "rich/fancy" club of the Freemarches, while Kirkwall is the "working man's" club) Usually top 10. Stadium:

Highever City Football Club: "Highever" bottom of the table, known for being the childhood club of the Cousland brothers

Anders (19): Strikers; started at HFC, debuted for first team @ 17, transfers to Amaranthine @ 19; sold to Kirkwall @ 20/21

Fergus Cousland (27): Midfield; started at Highever, loaned to Nevarra City for a season @ 19, came back @ 20 and took Highever to 4th, then sold to Amaranthine @ 21 (still there; was appointed captain last season)

Aedan Cousland (20): Striker; started at Highever, loaned to Antiva City @ 17 for two seasons, returned to Highever @ 19, will be sold to Amaranthine @ 21 after Anders' first season there

Elissa Cousland (20):

Alistair Theirin (24): Centre defender; started at Denerim, still there

Zevran Araini (21): Right winger; Started at Antiva City, dated Aedan Cousland while he was there; always in trouble with management for partying

Sten (28): Keeper; Started at Seheron, sold to Kirkwall @ 23 for 25 million; sold to Orlais @ 25 for 90 million

Morrigan (24): Keeper; Started at Korcari, sold to Amaranthine @ 22

Leliana (24): Central defender; started at Val Royeaux, sold to Amaranthine @ 21

Wynne (60): Club manager of Amaranthine

Loghain Mac Tir(55): Coach at FU

Anora Mac Tir(25): Used to play for FU's women's team, but got an injury @ 22 and now manages the club after her mother died; married to Cailan

Rendon Howe (53): Club owner of Amaranthine

Nathaniel Howe (22): Central defender; started at Amaranthine and will remain there

Delilah Howe (20):

Duncan (?):

Cailan Theirin (25): Midfield; Captain of FU; married to Anora

Sigrun (23):

Velanna (24):

Daylen Amell (?):

Solona Amell (?):

Garrett Hawke (24): Midfield; started at Kirkwall, loaned to The Vints @ 19, came back @ 21

Marian Hawke (24): Keeper; started at Kirkwall, loaned to Rivain @ 17, came back @ 20

Carver Hawke (18): Keeper; played his first season with Kirkwall's A team @ 18, and set a record for the best first season ever for a rookie keeper (only allowed a total of 20 goals, 3rd overall in the league)

Bethany Hawke (19): Physio at Kirkwall

Isabela (25): Striker; started at Rivain, free transfer to Minrathous @ 20 (after a break up with Marian), transferred back to Rivain @ 23; will come to Kirkwall the year Anders does (@ 26)

Aveline Vallen (26): Central defender;

Varric Tethras (26): Started as a co-owner with Bartrand, after he gets fired takes over as manager

Fenris (23): Left winger; Starts at Minrathous, pisses off management by talking with Tevinter, gets sold to Kirkwall during winter break of his last season

Danarius (58): Owner of Minrathous, was responsible for selling him to Kirkwall as punishment for him having talks with Tevinter; blames everything on Fenris' terrible attitude

Sebastien Vael (24): Midfield; spends his whole life at Starkhaven (his family owns the club)

Michel De Chevin (?): Emprise

Apr. 12th, 2012

So I've decided to join a prompt comm for my boys! I'll just be doing this first one for Vincent.

01.Anger. 02.Choices. 03.Answers. 04.Thought.
05.Desire. 06.Travel. 07.Assignment. 08.Leaving.
09.Caring. 10.Duty. 11.People. 12.Loss.


And then I'll do a second for Nijinsky/Vincent!

01.Hatred. 02.Hurt. 03.Despair. 04.Hopeless.
05.Leaving. 06.Pain. 07.Destruction. 08.Apart.
09.Dark. 10.a href="http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8045790/7/Macro_Musings">Death</a>. 11.Lies. 12.Broken.

Alright so I'm so obsessed that I actually spent my lunch hour writing. And even though none of you know the characters or the fandom I'm still posting it anyway. I'm totally smitten over here, guys. I haven't felt so invested in a pairing in a long time. Especially a new one.

Anyway, I'm glad I was able to get this out otherwise it would have eaten away at me for the rest of the day.

Title Vincent
Fandom BZRK
Characters Nijinsky "Jin", Vincent, Wilkes
Pairing Jin/Vincent (one sided, for now, at least)
Warning Spoiler for the book BZRK, in case any of you plan on reading it.
Summary Jin is not Vincent, but if he was, maybe things would have turned out differently.

Set after the end of BZRK, book 1.Collapse )


Sep. 14th, 2011

So this is mostly for nuraya as I did tell her that I was going to try and write "fluffy Crawford/Schuldig". I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, this is kind of fluffy? In a way? I don't know.

Title To Build A Home
Fandom Weiss Kreuz - Schwarz
Pairing Crawford/Schuldig
Summary After a long day spent tailing Takatori Reiji, Crawford comes home.
Notes Very heavy on jokes and teasing! I wrote this while listening to (and stole the title from) "To Build A Home" by The Cinematic Orchestra (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QB0ordd2nOI). It's not angsty, though, don't worry.

I built a home for you, for me.Collapse )


Jul. 11th, 2011

So... I finally got around to finishing my Schwarz soundtracks (except Nagi's, because he's just a mess and half the songs he wanted me to put on his mix were songs better suited for Tot). I even made spiffy album graphics!

But then when I viewed them on my Dell, I noticed that there was a bunch of grainy shit around the images that I could not see on my netbook. This will be quite time consuming/annoying to fix, because I didn't bother saving the images as Photoshop files, only jpg's. *cries* So I decided not to bother posting these to any comms, instead they will only be posted here to my flist (well I'll leave this public, in case you guys like them enough to rec them to anyone not on my flist). :P

So beware of slightly stupid looking album graphics! I blame it on my netbook. :(

Also, Schuldig and Farfarello's albums looks much cooler than Crawford's (in my opinion at least) but that's because I didn't have quite as much Crawford art to work with. All the art used is from a doujinshi an old friend of mine drew me 10 years ago (omg that makes me feel so old) and back then I didn't really care for Crawford as much as the other two. So - I pretty much had to use what I could (I'm lucky as it, because the two bits of art I used of him were the only things she drew me of him that were useable).

Anyway I'll stfu for now and put these up. Enjoy!
Black Hole Heart - A Schuldig MixCollapse )

Tormentor of Christian Souls - A Farfarello MixCollapse )

Smoke & Mirrors - A Brad Crawford MixCollapse )

Friends Only!

Currently obsessed with: Football (real football, not American football;)
Favourites: Bayern Munich & the German National Team; also a supporter of Toronto FC

I so need to make myself a new banner and upload it somewhere.

Jul. 3rd, 2010

Words can really not describe how PROUD I am of this German team. Really, they have defied everyone's expectations. 4-0? To score that many and then not even give one up? To never stop defending no matter how far ahead they were?

Congratulations, boys. If I wasn't so shellshocked (still!) I think I'd be sobbing like a little girl right now.

I'm so fucking proud of you. You totally deserve this.

And I'm happy to see Klose pull off his forward sommersault again. Two more games to go - two more goals and he takes over as top scorer of all time in the World Cup.

Mere words could never describe my pride.
Well, that's it, my life is done and over with. nuraya has just murdered me with artwork. Seriously!!

Those of you who've been around a while know about me and my #1 muse, Ace. You also know that he's evolved over the years and is now no longer a pony, but a human! He has also changed in that he is no longer even a part of the universe based on My Little Pony Tales. He's completely engaged in reality now. Even his name has changed! Born and raised in Sweden, he is now Ess (which is Swedish for Ace) and plays professionally for Swedish club Djurgardens (in Stockholm - for the time being, before he goes off to Germany;), and was called up to the Swedish national team at the young age of 16, because he is (of course) amazing. He is the Swedish version of Lionel Messi (only difference being, as he likes to point out, that he is actually good looking, and he does not roll around on the pitch when he's fouled;).

So, given that it is the WC, and sadly my Swedes are not in it (WOE!) I have been fantasizing about them indeed being in there just for my muse. Luckily, my Germans helped out and gave me some fab inspiration for my boys! That is when the art was offered, and I jumped on the opportunity to have me some Ess drawn. Aside from being fully Swedish, Ess is also now fully (well, mostly) gay, and plays footie with his childhood best friend, Sascha (who was also called up to the national team). These two are totally my #1 OTP right now. I think about them every single day. So when I was promised art of them?

Okay I should just stop talking and instead direct you to the post which has literally made my heart melt and made me unable to concentrate on anything else. (Some of you may recognize the second picture, as it just reeked of my muses the moment I saw it!)


GO!! Look at her gorgeous art!! :D
Title Obsession: The Flight of the Voyeur
Rating R
Characters Schuldig, Crawford, Nagi, Tot
Summary Schuldig pays Tot a visit in the night, watching her from her closet.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Schuldig provides the clues, while Crawford solves the riddles.Collapse )